Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fateful Encounter Of Two Who Were Meant To Meet.

That long wavy hair that flowed like a stream filled with the pale moonlight, as she leapt over me, and landed next to me with a flourish.

She seemed to be as surprised as I was as our eyes made contact.

“What are you doing here? People like you shouldn’t be here!” Her voiced sounded so much like an anime character.

“Wait! Where am I, why am I here?”

“Shut up! Stay silent! It’s coming!”

“What’s an I-” I started to say but I was cut off.

A hoarse roar came from behind me, a monster of horrible proportions appeared in front of me.

“What is that?” I shrieked in fear

“It’s a chimera! Get away!” She shouted at me, while jumping in between me and the monster.

Taking a closer look at the monstrosity, it appeared to be a mix of a bear and a lion, along with unmistakeable traces of darkness and evil in it.

Brandishing a sword that was almost bigger than her, she started shouting some strange words, as though as she was chanting a spell.

“Ги повикувам бог на огнот, дај ми сила да горат твојот непријатели, да гидонесе на горење портите на пеколот!” (I call upon the god of fire, give me the strength to burn thy enemies, to bring them to the burning gates of hell!)

Then suddenly, her sword starting spewing out bright crimson flames that danced around. The chimera reared back in shock and surprise.

“Take this!” She leapt up in a flash to the chimera, and slashed him with her sword. A bright red line appeared across the monster’s chest, and then it suddenly burst into flames, with it screeching in pain as it went up in flames.

“Be purified and lose your evil.” She said calmly as she landed back down on the ground, sheathing her sword.

“Who... Are You?” I asked, body trembling in terror and shock.

“The name’s Rin, I’m about to become your worst nightmare.” With that, she smiled at me, her eyes a blood red, that canine teeth smiling at me.

Chapter 2's out. :) Will try to work on Chapter 3 soon.


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  1. What hair what roxas looking at when rin leapt over him? I wonder...