Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Unleashing Of A Newfound Power?

“Wait.... Don’ EAT ME!!!” I screamed in fear as she advanced closer and closer to me. Soon she was so close to me, that our noses could have rubbed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bite... I think.” she smiled once again at me, now so close I could smell her scent. It was warm and fuzzy, and it was making my head spin.

Then suddenly...

“WHAT?” She retreated back in shock, this was the first time I saw her so unnerved. Out of the ground suddenly burst another chimera, this one looked more evil and ferocious than the other.

“WHAT. IS. A. LEVEL. 5. DOING. HERE?” She yelled out in an exasperated tone. “Just when I thought this boy had some promise”

The chimera merely ignored her, and it advanced towards me.

“Wha-?” I stared in bewilderment as it crunched the ground, step by step, nearer and nearer to me. “What does it want with me”

Then being too swift for something its size, it jumped into the sky, preparing to crush me with its two feet.

It seemed like a switch was flicked in me. Suddenly it felt that I was not myself, I felt myself brimming with new knowledge, even though it was just for a moment, and my body’s instincts just took over. Runes started glimmering from both my arms, and I just let my body did what it wanted to do: Protect myself.

“Right arm. Power Release: Fire.”
“Left arm. Power Release: Darkness.”

My right arm burst into a shining blaze of fire, not unlike one which Rin had produced. My left arms emitted a black pulse of darkness, yet this was not like the evil in the chimera.

“Ignis et tenebrae DECOCO, et adoleret mihi det virtutem mali latet in corde puritate, niger ignis! Chaos flamma palmis!” (Fire and darkness, fuse together, and grant me power to burn the evil that lies within the heart with the purity of the black flame! Chaos Flame Palm!)

The red fire and the black darkness from my hands merged on my right arm, dancing around, becoming a pure black flame, it was the dark side of the fire, one that was used to bring pain, to kill. But my intentions were to kill the chimera to protect myself, not to harm.

I bent below with surprising swiftness, and dodged his attack. It landed on the ground, narrowly missing me. I took this chance to strike my right hand into it, and it created a mini black explosion of dark matter. The chimera disintegrated immediately, while I was blown away.

As I was blown away, I saw Rin shouting at me, “Wait, who are you really? Don’t leave!”

Everything faded into darkness as I closed my heavy eyelids....

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