Sunday, August 21, 2011

When Everything All Starts To Fall Into Chaos?

I groggily woke up in my bed, the sunlight was streaming through my windows, their light jolting me awake.

“Was the things that happened last night just a dream?” I muttered to myself, sending shivers up my spine.

I slowly went out to the kitchen where my mother was waiting... Amazingly, my body did ache. “Was it that vivid a dream?” I pondered to myself.

“Rika’s gone to school already, you’re going to be late. Oh, and are you feeling okay? You went to bed the moment you came home. I thought you were feeling sick, and wanted to rest. You looked half dead”

The sudden realization that the events that had transpired last night were not just the figments of my imagination made me tremble. I remembered Rin, how dangerously close I was to being killed... by that... chimera. And how I had done something out of the world myself. “You were right mother, I WAS half dead”

I looked at my hands, were these the hands that killed the monster last night? I needed some answers. But how would I get them? I wolfed down my breakfast, hungry after not eating any food from since last night.

Little did I know that fate was going to play tricks on me once again, giving me what I wanted, but also tormenting me in the days to come...


“Today, we have a new transfer student, she’s from overseas, so please treat her with care...” Our form teacher came in and informed at once. “You can come in now, he nodded towards the open doorway.

Her silver hair, that followed her footsteps perfectly, the way she walked, her presence, jolted me to look up in front at her. I hadn’t been interested in lessons that the teachers taught, they were just too boring.

“Wha- WHAT???!!!” I shouted out in utter disbelief as I caught the slightest trace of a smirk at me. I had instinctively stood up and slammed my hands on the table. The whole class turned their heads to look at me. I was in deep trouble...

“My, my, looks like our dear Roxas already seems to know you, but first introduce yourself.”

“My name is Rin. Tadaki Rin, just call me Rin.”

“And now, Rin, you can take the sit next to Roxas, its free anyway. We’ll be starting lessons now, take out your textbooks.”

The class was full of activity, and I could feel the rumors of me and Rin already spreading across the school. My life was going to be a living hell from now on.

“You had better start giving me some answers to what happened last night...”

Sorry guys/gals, its been almost 1 month since I updated. And yes, I'm doing this on the eve of an exam. :)

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