Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This... Spells... Disaster? Starting To See The Begining Of Hell.

“Heh heh, I have no obligation to answer you..” She placed her hand on my shoulder as she sat down next to me. That spine shivering feeling coursed through me again, as the whole class stared at me with a hint of amusement.

“Don’t mess with me!” I hissed at her while swatting her hands off. I did not need to waste my time here.

“But why? I’ll be here all the time, it’s not like I’m going to disappear or something.” She said with genuine hurt in her voice. “I’m here as a friend!”

“Yeah... sure... So, at least tell me what’s happening.” I had calmed down to a certain extent, capable of thinking about what to ask next.

“I can’t say much now, but you’ve been thrown into a world far beyond your wildest imaginations, and I’m sure you won’t enjoy it...”

I had expected something like this already, with what weird things that had happened to me last night.

“Oh wells, I’ll just show you.” She snapped her fingers, and suddenly her fingers were lit with a deathly flame of white.

“This, is CrossOver.” She let the flames expand, and I felt that distorting feeling as I entered that place again. Just as the previous time, everything stopped. No matter what they were doing, they just froze in position there.

“Let me explain. This is a simple magic spell which is used by magicians when they engage in battle. It freezes the current world and brings us magicians into a alternate reality, where damage done in that world would only affect the magicians themselves, and will not affect the surroundings. I do advise you not to open this spell too much, time still runs normally for you even in this alternate reality.”

“That means I can do it too?” I stared in amazement as I tried to imagine the flames on my hand, that I could do such a spell too.

“You’ll need to have the runes for it first. She started drawing some runes on the palm of my hand, muttering some incantation softly as she did so. “Each and everyone has a different way of activating their CrossOver, and if you activate it, magicians in the vicinity or people with magic powers like you may be drawn into the CrossOver, so if you want to remain status quo, don’t activate it wildly.” I nodded, trying to absorb what I had just heard.

“Wait... Hang on. I sense a faint presence nearby.” She paused and waited.

“There’s someone nearby?” I asked, there was this buzzing sound in my head. “There’s this uncomfortable feeling that someone’s or something’s coming from below...”

“Below?” Rin gave a gasp, as she leapt out of the way and kicked me aside. I crashed into a nearby table, sprawling across the floor.

The floor where we were just a few seconds ago burst upwards as concrete was sent flying all over the place, causing dust to form and rubble hitting my whole body...

“It seems I have found you, the one I’ve been searching for.” A low deep voice emanated from the dust.

As the dust started to clear, I could make out a faint outline of whatever was speaking to us. It was very tall. Very bulky also, and it didn’t seem like it had the head of a man. It seemed to be more like a serpent-like face. He/She/It was also holding a huge trident of sorts.

“Ouch.... What have I gotten myself into?” I wondered silently to myself, while bracing myself for what was to come. The unknown.

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